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Our Firm

Simplify. Strategize. Succeed.

LEPORE TAYLOR FOX LLP is a boutique law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law. Our team is comprised of experienced attorneys who have backgrounds in representing large corporate clients within prominent Manhattan-based law firms. With this background, we bring a sophisticated level of service to our clients, what we call “high touch,” without the Manhattan price tag. Our approach is to offer value-driven, fixed fees to meet the client's need for transparent, predictable pricing. We strive to match this with unparalleled service that includes not only basic preparation and filing of visa petitions but the full range of holistic immigration advisory services to ensure our corporate clients maintain full compliance. When representing individuals, our goal is to provide the same level of attention as we would to our corporate clients, offering advice, and one-on-one counsel on an unlimited basis until the case is concluded. We continuously strive to create meaningful relationships with our clients, develop customized immigration solutions, simplify the immigration process, and achieve success. We define ourselves by three principles: Simplify. Strategize. Succeed.

We distinguish ourselves with:

Value-driven fixed and package pricing

Individualized attention by a responsive, experienced attorney

Efficient, transparent process

Network of legal and business professionals